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Know the Rules



Be the Best You Can Be!

  1. I will ask myself the Code of Conduct questions when making decisions: Is it safe? Is it courteous? Is it my best work?
  2. I will be on time for school and arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before classes start.
  3. I will go directly home when I am dismissed at the end of each school day.
  4. If I have a problem with someone, I will try and discuss it with that person. If that does not work, I will ask a staff member to help us reach a compromise.
  5. I will treat others with respect. I will not use profanity, vulgarity, racial slurs and/or put downs.
  6. I will respect school property and the property of others.
  7. I will not cause, attempt to cause or threaten to cause physical injury to another person.
  8. I will not bring dangerous objects to school. This includes matches, knives, firearms, ammunition and/or explosives.
  9. I will remain drug-free. I will not posses and/or use alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, drugs or any mind altering substance.
  10. I will take the school/class newsletters and official school handouts home to my parents so they will know what is going on at school.
  11. I will follow all the school, classroom, cafeteria, restroom and playground rules.

Our School Rules

1. We will treat others like we would like to be treated.

2. We will walk quietly when we are indoors.

3. We will ask before we touch or use anyone else’s belongings.

4. We will keep the school area (inside and outside) clean.

5. We will follow classroom, cafeteria, restroom and playground rules.

6. We will listen carefully when someone is talking to us.

7. We will be on time.

8. We will follow the “Code of Conduct” Is it safe? Is it courteous? Is it my best work?

Cafeteria Rules

1. We will walk, talk quietly and keep our hands to ourselves.

2. We will wait quietly in the cafeteria line.

3. We will not take food from others unless it is offered to us.

4. We will keep our eating area clean and throw away our trash. 5. We will remember to wash our hands.

5. We will follow directions given by cafeteria workers and duty staff.

6. We will exit the cafeteria and walk quietly, keep our hands and feet to ourselves and go directly to our classrooms.

7. We will not take food out of the cafeteria.

Article I. Restroom Rules

1. We will keep the restroom clean.

2. We will not waste toilet paper or paper towels.

3. We will not eat or play in the restrooms.

4. We will always flush the toilet after using it.

5. We will remember to wash our hands with soap and water.

Play Safe - Be Safe!

Off Limits Areas

1. We will stay in the playground area. The blue bars and benches on the sidewalks are not part of the playground equipment.

2. If a ball or any other object goes on the roof or shade structure we will notify an adult.

3. We will not play on the amphitheater steps, planters or flag pole.

4. We will not leave the playground to talk to any adult in the parking lot. All adults must check-in at the office.

Playground Rules


1. We will use the stairs to get to the top of the slide.

2. We will be sure that only one person is using the slide at a time.

3. We slide by sitting down keeping our legs straight in front of us.

Tether Ball

1. We will be sure that only the two players are in the playing area before starting the game.

2. We will not swing on the tether balls.

3. We will not hit or throw a tether ball at someone’s face or head.

Jungle Gyms and Turning Bars

1. We will be sure to keep our hands off others while they are playing on any jungle gym and/or turning bars.

2. We will keep our feet to ourselves.

3. We will not jump or leap from the top of playground equipment.

4. We will always cross the monkey bars in one direction.


1. We will swing back and forth only.

2. We will have one person on a swing at a time.

3. We will stop the swing before we get off. We will not jump out of the swings.

4. We will make sure that no one is close enough to get kicked.

Drinking Fountains

1. We will stand in line and keep our hands off others.

2. We will keep the drinking fountains clean.

3. We will not play at the drinking fountains.

4. We will use the drinking fountains for drinking purposes only.

Courtyard, sidewalk and hallway Rules

The courtyard is reserved for class activities and group assemblies. It is not to be used for recess play unless specifically scheduled by the teacher or the office.

1. We will clear the courtyard area during recess breaks.

2. We will not disturb other classes on our way to and from lunch, during recess, and/or during the school day.

3. We will remain quiet, keep our hands and feet to ourselves, and walk in a straight line when on the sidewalks or in the main hallway.